Most Central Valley House Sellers Don’t Realize They Can Sell Without Listing On The Market…

The traditional way of selling a house in the Central Valley, CA area looks like this.

  1. You hit the internet to see what your house in the Central Valley is worth
  2. You ask your friend or family member if they have a local Central Valley real estate agent they like
    (but maybe don’t want to list it and deal with the hassles of open houses, having people walk through your house, buyers backing out last minute, or paying real estate agent commissions)
  3. Because you have no idea about any other options, you list your Central Valley house… only to have closings fall through at the last minute, the buyer’s financing pulls out, required repairs, or any number of reasons that a traditional home sale can sometimes cause stress and frustration.
  4. After selling your house, you subtract the mortgage payments you paid while you were waiting for the deal to close, the realtor’s commissions, and the huge stress from the hassle… and you’re left thinking…

There has to be another way to sell my house faster in the Central Valley

Our Multiple Offer Model To Sell Your Property Fast in the Central Valley, CA

Anissa Buys Houses set out to solve this problem that CA house sellers face by giving you a way to see all of your options… letting you decide whether you would like to to maximize the price of your sale or whether selling your house in the Central Valley, CA in a quick and easy way is more important

So rather than just telling you what you can list your house for on the market like traditional Central Valley real estate agents, or making a “take it or leave it” offer like many real estate investors and ibuyers, at Anissa Buys Houses we’ll give you both a cash offer and the option to maximize the value on the market (with our cash offer in your back pocket).

You’ll surely experience a quick, hassle-free process when you sell your house in the Central Valley, CA to our company


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